New York by Rail 2011/2012

Sandbud Photography is like having a personal photographer that will go with you to capture the candid action you want with long reaching lenses. These photographs capture the memories of your children participating in their favorite sport. Many photographs you will cherish for years to come.

Oh sure, you can take them yourself as long as you can remember you have a camera in your hand as you are caught up in the excitement when someone hits a long ball to center field . While you watch your child make a diving catch and your heart races, you then remember the camera you have a strangle hold grip on. How about the pictures you do take and when you look them over you realize that the lens wasn’t the right one and the picture was taken so far away you can’t tell if your child was in a baseball game or at ballet class.

So why don’t you just sit back and enjoy your child and the game and let Sandbud Action Photography provide you with professional quality, candid action photographs of your child participating in their sport?