New York by Rail 2011/2012

Many are fascinated with trains for different reasons. We don't consider ourself just railroad photographers, but we are photographers who love to take photos of trains. Most of our photos have been taken from Hudson NY through the Adirondacks. We enjoy scouting out a location and waiting for the train to pass and the thrill of capturing the photo. We also have visited many train station north of Albany and learned the history of each from the station master. We strive to get that unique train photo in that unique location. Each location has its own special story and they are alway changing. Different seasons and different engine numbers make each photo interesting. Come and follow the trains with fast shots from Sandbud photography. The beauty, power and simple enjoyment of travel will excite you as you hear the rattle and click on the rails as they did in days gone by. Listen to the whistle and travel along.

Train photo gallery